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Symbol Disc Readings

ghout time shamans have used symbols to depict the ow of energies and possible events. The symbols themselves are often so old and archetypal that their meaning needs to be understood at an intuitive level, without the barriers of language. In todays higher, more intuitive energy, the symbols are easily understood.

Even though its roots are ancient, the Symbol Discs are a great tool in this point in time. The insight they give is presented from a mental or known perspective as well as from an intuitive perspective. They will show hidden aspects of a situation and bring them into our awareness. The discs depict carefully chosen symbols that are both ancient and new, and help to clearly give insight into any situation in such a manner that you gain clarity as to your next step. This is done by showing you how you present yourself in the world, and how you feel about that in your inner world. In the answer the Symbol Discs will give you, the perspective of your High Self plays an important part.

A Symbol Disc Reading can be done via email and costs €20,00 AnneClaire will send you a picture of the Symbol Discs and a MP3 file of the reading. (Dropbox link)
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