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Meditations for your Self

These four meditations, or visualizations, can give you valuable insight into yourself and your life through the details you will be presented with. It is best to listen to the words and let whatever image come up as the meditation progresses. These images can then be interpreted from a symbolic perspective.
The interpretation of the symbols in your visualization or meditation is personal, and can therefore be different from the symbolic meanings given in the explanatory PDF. However, whatever the picture that comes up, its symbolic meaning will give you valuable insights in how you live your life! Be sure before you start any of these meditations to sit down in a quiet space and have time to experience the meditation or visualization at your own pace. Each of the meditations stands alone. While it is possible to go through all meditations one after the other, their effect will be more pronounced when you focus on one meditation before moving on to the next one.

Introduction 1.59 min
The House of Your Thoughts 13.35 min
The Garden of Your Life 10.17 min
The Vehicle of Your Self 10.18 min
The Temple of Your Soul 28.09 min

Bonus meditation: See your life 6.39 min

The cost of the meditations is €10

As the meditations take you on a journey through your subconsciousness, one shouldn’t do these meditations while involved in activities that demand your alert focus, like driving a car.
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